Human Resources

Biologiki ensures that human resources (Scientific Managers and Technical Personnel) are well trained and for this reason supports and invests in their continuous education through specialized seminars.

To this end, Biologiki always participates in Seminars on the Management and Control of Pests and Rodents conducted by respective bodies (the Agricultural University, Pharmaceutical Companies, SEAME, etc.)

The company promotes teamwork and close cooperation with the aim of better serving our customers and providing quality services to meet their needs.

Everyone at Biologiki embraces the principles and philosophy of the company and work together towards the vision of the company.

Indicative training certificates:

Απεντομώσεις - Μυοκτονίες - Απολυμάνσεις στο αστικό και περιαστικό περιβάλλον 2017
Pest Practice 2015
Απεντομώσεις 2015
Pest Control 2015
Ποιότητα - Κοστολόγηση - Πωλήσεις 2014
Pest Control 2014
Παρασιτοκτόνα υγειονομικής σημασίας 2010
Αντιμετώπιση τρωκτικών - Απώθηση πτηνών 2010
Έντομα υγειονομικής σημασίας 2009
Έντομα αποθηκών - Ξυλοφάγα έντομα 2009
Pest Control 2009
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