Birds are responsible for serious problems both in professional and in domestic spaces.
Large swarms of birds soil the exterior surfaces of buildings and sidewalks with their faeces, can erode marbles and metal surfaces.

Birds carry serious disease parasites, they can carry the salmonella bacterium through their faeces.       When the stools are dehydrated, they become dust and are transported through the airways in food and water. This causes diarrheal syndrome.
Another pathogen they carry is E. coli. It is transmitted in the above manner and causes human bleeding colitis or urinary tract infection.

The most common bird species causing problems in Greece are pigeons. They accumulate in large numbers and produce a great amount of feces, which in turn causes a great deal of trouble for those who inhale them when converted into dust.  

Pigeons are handled by Biologiki with pins placed at the points where they sit, with yarn placed on eaves, signs, and handrails, with a net more appropriate for large areas such as balconies and luminaires.