Drosophila usually live on moist surfaces and in foods that have been fermented for example ripe fruits, rotten vegetables, garbage disposal spaces, wine residues.

Drosophila are 3,1-5,1mm in size and are yellowish-brown in color. Female drosophila lay about 500 eggs, white in color. Eggs hatch in 24-30 hours.

Adult drosophila can cover a distance of 10Km in 24 hours. Their numbers increase during the summer and autumn. Drosophila pest control is done by residual spraying in difficult areas. The space must be cleaned very well in advance.
  • Drain Fly -Psychoda sp.
Drain flies are attracted by rotting food and other organic waste, drains or contaminated shallow water.

They can reproduce in gelatinous bacterial membranes formed in drains, septic tanks, etc.

  • Fruit Flies - Fruits Fly
Fruit flies are attracted to fermented sweet liquids, which are produced in ripe fruit, to residues in soft drinks bottles, but also to waste decomposing into dumpsters.

They are also attracted to wet and dirty installations (drains, leaks, etc.).

They are accused of transmitting the E. coli virus.