Mosquitoes exist all over the planet. They transmit many serious diseases such as malaria and yellow fever. They have 3-6mm body with long legs. They are bloodsucking insects.

They lay eggs up to 10 times, 50-500 eggs the first time and less on the next ones. The time from egg stage to adult insect stage is 2 weeks. 5 generations of mosquitoes give us 50 million mosquitoes.

Eggs can be found on the surface even of a small amount of stagnant water. Only fertilized females pierce humans in order to obtain blood for fertile eggs. Mosquito bite can cause a small or large allergic reaction.     

In our country we encounter the following species:

  • Yellow fever mosquito - Aedes Aegypti
This mosquito came to Greece in recent years and it is the Aedes albopictus or "Asian Tiger Mosquito" or the "tiger mosquito" that carries the West Nile virus and causes encephalitis. This mosquito is very aggressive and bites even during daytime.

They have adapted to live in areas of human activity in rural and peri-urban areas. They can even reproduce in small containers with relatively clear water. They are active during daytime and move a short distance from their fertilization spots.

  • Anopheles Mosquito - Anopheles sp

They are directly related to humans as we observe that they suck human blood almost every time.

It breeds in open, sun-exposed shallow sweet or even brackish waters with abundant surface vegetation.

It is usually found on the edges of swamps, lakes but also in paddy fields, streams, springs, irrigation networks, drainage networks, ditches/trenches and more.

Its radius of action is 3.5 kilometers.

  • House mosquito - Culex sp
This kind of mosquito sucks blood almost every time from humans. It reproduces in containers, tanks, barrels, drainage wells and old tires that have fresh water rich in organic matter.

It activates after dusk and during the night and its radius of action can reach up to 22.5 km but they usually remain within a radius of 800 meters.

Control of the mosquito population in professional and domestic settings is carried out by means of special spraying in the form of fog or clouds and with special anti-mosquito devices.