There are many types of rodents in our country and we usually encounter the following: 

  • Roof rats - Black rat / Rattus rattus
Roof rats or “black rats” can range from black to light brown in color with the only difference being in the belly which is usually gray.  Body size ranges from 15 to 20cm. Their tail length is always longer than the body, they possess climbing ability.

They live in places above ground. They often live and breed in industrial areas where there is food and protection.

They feed on all kinds of fruits, plants and seeds and whatever else they can find in order to survive. They definitely need water on a daily basis, which they usually get from their diet.

They are nocturnal and can reproduce all year round but more so in spring and autumn. They live 2-3 years, give birth to 5-8 newborns which after 3 months are capable of reproduction.

  • House mice - House mouse / Mus musculus
Domestic mice are small in size and grayish brown with gray or yellowish abdomen.     They have a slightly pointed nose and black eyes that slightly protrude. Their ears are big and have a little fluff.   

Their lifespan can be up to 2 years if the conditions allow it. Each female mouse, 20 days after mating, gives birth to 5-6 newborns which in 6-10 weeks are capable of reproduction. That is why they are increasing rapidly in areas where no measures are taken.

Domestic mice live in and around houses on farms, business premises, shopping malls, and in fields when there is cultivation.
They feed on plant seeds, fatty and sugary foods and typically destroy many foods because they taste a little bit of everything.

  • Brown rats - Brown rats / Rattus norvegicus
Brown rats are bony with pointed nose, small ears and hairless tail, smaller than their body. They are brownish gray or red on the upper part of the body and white, gray on the abdomen. Adult rats weigh about 500 grams.

They can live up to 3 years if the conditions allow it, after mating they give birth to 6-12 newborns who live independently 3-4 weeks later and are capable of breeding in up to 3 months.

Brown rats are predominantly nocturnal rodents but are also active during the day in major cities. They live very close to humans and make nests on underground and lower levels of buildings.

They have acute hearing and sense of smell.
They can be fought either by traps or by chemical control with special poisonous rodent baits.