Silverfish (Earwig)

Silverfish are a walking insect. They live inside houses such as in stationery, books, furniture and food storage spaces.

They mainly prefer humid spaces such as basements, toilets and kitchens and dark areas with high temperatures above 32 °C, such as ovens, kitchens, fireplaces, hot steam and water pipes.

Silverfish are 8.5-19mm long and are silver, white or gray or gray with spots and bunches. They do not have wings, but they have two characteristic white antennas.
Females lay more than 100 eggs during their lifetime, which hatch in 3-6 weeks.

They feed on the starch on the back of old books, with upholstery, insulation materials, fabrics as well as all kinds of starchy foods but they can live several months without food.

Pest control is done by spraying. The space must be cleaned well in advance.