Termites and woodworms

Termites and woodworms are wood-eating insects that are harmful at the stage of their biological cycles where they turn from larvae into insects. They puncture furniture woods, tree trunks, wooden floors, timber, and more. In Greece, the problem with woodworms is more common. 

  • Common furniture beetle - Anobium Punctatum
It affects plywood more than any other type of timber. The presence of the insect is evident by tiny piles of dust on the timber.

It prefers soft timber by leaving 1-2mm outlet holes behind. The furniture beetles lay their eggs on the surface of the wood and the larvae pierce the wood, creating a tunnel.

Structural weakening in furniture rack construction is more likely in wood with small diagonal sections and where there is moisture. These conditions are more common in older houses.

  • House Longhorn Beetle– Hylotrupes Bajulus 

The House Longhorn Beetle is mainly found on roof timber.

It prefers unfinished wood such as old floorboards, attic beams on the roof as well as old furniture whose varnish is worn.

The holes and tunnels created by this woodworm are much larger than the ones created by the furniture beetle.

  • Death Watch Beetle - Xestobium Rufovillosum
This species attacks hardwoods like poplar and oak.

Due to its incredible appetite, after attacking hardwoods, it proceeds to soft wood with great fury.

It can grow in an extremely short period of time.

The fight must take place as soon as the infestation is identified.

  • Powder Post Beetle – Lyctus Brunneus
At the larval stage, such insects can remain in the wood for months or even years. Their presence only becomes apparent when they come out of the wood as adults, leaving small holes behind.

If the wood condition is appropriate, females can lay their eggs and re-attack the wood, continuing the cycle for generations. The wood with multiple infiltrations is pierced by holes and the wood dust around it is visible. They attack both hardwood and softwood.

Items that can be affected by powder post beetle include wooden tools or handles, frames, furniture, rifles, toy books, cane constructions, floors and timber, which is particularly dangerous.