Bio-repellents for rodents

Multicatch (capture trap)

Rodent trap suitable mainly for health-regulated establishments. Recommended for spaces where we want to control the circulation of small rodents and crawling insects (roaches, etc.). Concerns mainly commercial spaces, food industries and in general spaces complying with HACCP standards. An adhesive surface is placed inside the trap, which has an inspection glass for inspection of the circulation of rodents or roaches.

Technical characteristics:
  • Rodent trap suitable for spaces where the use of rodent extermination formulations is restricted (HACCP system)
  • It has a transparent inspection cover, for trap inspection
  • It comes with an adhesive surface on the inside, for easy removal of trapped rodents
  • It has a safety key
  • Material: Stainless or plastic
  • Dimensions: Stainless 26,7 Χ 17 Χ 6,5 cm
                      Stainless 36,5 Χ 16,5 Χ 6,5 cm
                      Plastic 16,2 Χ 14,6 Χ 7,4 cm
                      Plastic 27,5 Χ 14 Χ 7 cm

Trapper trex (capture trap)

Mechanical trap for immediate rodent capture. Very powerful and suitable for large rodents. Placed inside a large bait station.

Technical characteristics:
  • Large Mechanical Trap
  • Suitable for mice
  • Very powerful

Snap trap (capture trap)

Capture trap suitable for when we want to capture rodents immediately. It can be placed inside bait stations (Beta, Bora, Total). It can also be used separately on its own indoors for immediate capture of rodents.

Technical characteristics:
  • Small mechanical trap for mice
  • Placed inside BETA, BORA, TOTAL BOX bait stations

Bristle strip (Brush strip)

Wire brush. Suitable for filling gaps in doors to prevent rodents and insects from entering.

Technical characteristics:
  • Brush strip
  • Prevents rodents/insects from entering
  • Dimensions: 20 mm X 2 m 34 mm X 2m

Trapper pest monitor (capture trap)

This is a small sampling trap as it helps us monitor the circulation of crawling insects. At the same time, it serves as a capture trap for very small rodents. On the inside there is a Trapper MC glue trap and it also has a safety key.

Technical characteristics:
  • For small rodents and crawling insects
  • It has a safety key
  • Includes glue trap
  • Made of plastic
  • Dimensions: 20 Χ 12 Χ 4,5 cm

Trapper rat (capture trap)

Glue trap for mice and rats. With a double adhesive surface for immediate control. Suitable for indoors where we can’t use rat poison, such as residences, laboratories, etc.

Technical characteristics:
  • Glue trap for rats
  • With a double adhesive surface