Pigeon deterrent spikes

Spikes are the most commonly used bird deterrence method. They are used on surfaces where pigeons land and where we don’t want them to create permanent nests. Spikes are placed on windows, parapets, drainage pipelines, over outdoor air-conditioning units, over lighting fixtures, building signs, etc. 

Pigeons land on the edge of parapets/windows, etc. so they can easily escape in case of danger. Spikes are positioned near the edge of the surface thus preventing pigeons from landing there. If the surface on which the spikes are mounted is large then a second set of spikes may be required. The spike fasteners differ on a case-by-case basis depending on the surface on which they are mounted (special silicone, screw, etc.). Spikes should be placed on previously cleaned surfaces. 

The spikes do not kill or hurt pigeons.

We choose the appropriate spike model, according to the specific needs of the space.


They can be combined with other methods such as audio bird deterrent for better bird control.