Disinfestation Spraying with a low-pressure sprinkler

This method is suitable for apartment buildings, residences, and professional spaces. A 4 atm low pressure sprinkler is used with special nozzles suitable for crevices, cracks and generally inaccessible spots where insects walk, lay and nest.

Spraying is used indoors in storage spaces, basements, toilets, drainage pipes, behind or under electrical appliances, in corners or cracks or wherever necessary. Outdoors spraying is used around the perimeter of the space concerned, on balconies, shafts, drains, at entry points, in crevices or cracks, i.e. in places where insects create nests and infestation foci. 

In apartment buildings, spraying can be used indoors and outdoors, starting from the terrace and going all the way down to the basement. The staircase, boiler room, basement etc. are sprayed, while it is necessary to also spray the flats so that the insecticidal formulation passes through the entire drainage system of the apartment building, thus achieving better and maximum control of insects. Outdoors, spraying is used in open spaces, in the pilotis, shafts, crevices or cracks and wherever necessary for the best possible results.

This particular method is used to prevent, control and exterminate insects and successfully controls a variety of insects such as cockroaches, ants, ticks, lice, multipedes, spiders etc. 

The insecticidal formulations used are state of the art, of high standards and approved by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food and effectively control insects without harming humans or the environment.  Their Residual effect protects the site from subsequent attacks for a long time. 


The insecticidal formulations used are different for each type of insect and are determined on a case-by-case basis,as is the method of spraying.