Dry steam eradication-disinfection

This is a highly ecological method of disinfestation, without the use of chemical or insecticidal formulations, highly efficient, that can be used in residences, hotels, medical facilities, buses, restaurants, nurseries, etc. and is suitable for all types of surfaces and fabrics, even for mattresses.

For this method, a special portable dry steam generator is used which produces a steam flow at 180°C eliminating adult microorganisms, larvae and their eggs causing heat shock. The steam enters crevices, cracks, folds of mattresses and sofas and inaccessible spots where insects nest and hide, such as electrical cables, switches, etc. Along with steam, alcohol is used to disinfect surfaces and remove the unpleasant odors caused by insects. 

This method combats and eliminates bedbugs and their eggs and other microorganisms such as mites, bacteria, etc. disinfecting all surfaces. The space is ready for use after application.


In cases where bedbug infestation is extensive and persistent, Dry steam eradication-disinfection is combined with a chemical method.