Gel disinfestation

Gel disinfestation is used to control cockroaches (mainly small cockroaches) and ants only indoors in sensitive areas where spraying is not recommended. An appropriate dosing pistol is used to place the special gel-formulas in difficult and inaccessible places, in cabinets, worktop recesses, pantries, wash basin pipes, electric cables, device motors, spots where insects circulate and nest etc.
The attractant formulation causes death to the entire population of insects that are found in the space through the Domino Effect. Insects carry the formulation into their nest and from then on it is gradually transmitted to the entire population (by trophallaxis), killing all existing insects.

This method does not require any preparation or evacuation of the spaces as the formulation is odorless and non-toxic, harmless to humans and animals. However, in cases of severe insect infestation it is advisable to thoroughly clean the space prior to application, for the best possible results.