Mite disinfestation

Bed Bug Control

Mites are tiny organisms/insects invisible to the naked eye and belong to the class of Arachnids. They are not blood-sucking and do not sting. They are everywhere in a house, in the dust, on the mattresses, on the pillows, on the sofas, etc. as they enter via atmospheric dust and are transported from place to place on clothes. 

Mattresses and pillows provide ideal conditions for their growth. 90% - 100% of mites live in our mattress. Since its first month of use a mattress houses more than 15,000 mites, in 4 months 500,000 and in 12 months more than 1,500,000! Dead skin cells and human hair are their main source of food, while population growth depends on room temperature and relative humidity in the atmosphere. High temperatures and humidity promote their rapid propagation. 

Finally, about 10% of the population develops allergies to mites and especially to their droppings that cause serious health problems. They have been found to aggravate serious conditions such as asthma, respiratory problems, eczema, atopic dermatitis etc.

By disinfestation we mean ecological bio-cleaning of mattresses or sofas from allergenic mites. For this method, we use the HEPPA Filter Cleaning System, the Dry Steam Eradication-Disinfection System and the UVC lamp for the control and extermination of allergenic mites.


Control methods


The mattresses are ready for use after application. Disinfection of mattresses must be carried out at least once a year as modern mattresses are complex and disinfecting them by natural means (e.g. sunlight) is not easy. In order to disinfect mattresses, our crew visits the customer's space, whereas for the procedure we need to know the years of use of the mattress because the machine needs to stay on each mattress for a specific period of time.