Rodent extermination

Rodent Control Trapping Exclusion

The main objective of Rodent extermination is to completely rid the space of rodents which are one of the most serious public health hazards due to the transmission of serious human diseases. In order to successfully control them, it is necessary to understand their biology, to know how to apply the means of control and to study and understand the particular conditions of the rodent-infested space.

The first and most important step in any Integrated Rodent Management Program is to Prevent them from infesting the spaces we want to disinfect.

For the Design and Implementation of an Integrated Rodent Management Program, Biologiki follows the following steps:

  • Inspection of the surrounding area of the premises (fields, urban areas, sewer networks, etc.)
  • Inspection of infrastructure and installations for any building deficiencies (holes, cables entering the building, cracks, door openings, open drains, tree branches resting on the building, etc.)
  • Identification and Indication to customers of potential “vulnerabilities” at the facilities, which constitute entry points for rodents
  • Identification of possible sources from which rodents supply their food
  • Inspection for the presence or traces of rodents.  We look for footprints, urine, hairs, droppings, bites on various materials, etc.
  • Determination of the type of rodent, the location of nests, the possible paths the rodents follow, and the size of their population.

A safety zone is then designed by placing the appropriate bait stations at selected points outdoors, around the building and the fence, and indoors, using adhesive capture traps.

Finally, the safety zones of the bait stations are printed on a ground plan, and regular inspection visits are performed, recording findings through sophisticated computed systems.


Control methods


All formulations are state-of-the-art so that extermination inside the nests at a high percentage is achieved, while they also cause the rodents to mummify thus preventing odors.

The baits are selected according to the season and the weather. (temperature / humidity)