Bait stations

Bait Stations are installed according to the ground plan outdoors at specific points (along rodent paths, near points with water or moisture, near possible entry points to facilities, near hide-outs, etc.) around the building and the plot to create a Safety Zone that has both a Preventive and a Repressive function. 

An appropriate insecticidal bait is placed inside them so that children and pets or non-target animals cannot access it and so that it is protected from the weather.

Depending on the particular conditions of the site and the extent of the problem, the number, type and specific kind of Bait Stations are selected. Each bait station is fixed in place, either with special silicone or screwed, so that it cannot be moved and next to each station is placed a special warning sign - a numbered tag. Finally, the Bait Stations are indicated on a special ground plan of the facility and regular visits are performed by our Monitoring Technician to check and record the results and take any corrective measures. 

In cases of large rodent populations in a site, 3-4 bait applications should be carried out over a period of 1.5 to 2 months in order to rid the site of the rodents. 

In any case, a maintenance program is required to protect the premises.