Snake repulsion

Snake Repeller

The term Snake repulsion refers to the repulsion, control and elimination of snakes from a space using ecological repellents that are harmless for humans and the environment.

Snakes are particularly useful and beneficial to the environment and humans because they feed on pests and rodents.  Snakes are found mainly in the countryside and in semi-urban environments from early March to late October, whereas during the rest of the year they are in hibernation. However, most snakes cause humans fear and panic, and they try to drive them out of or exterminate them from their surroundings with any means available.

In Greece there are about twenty-three species of snakes of which only seven are poisonous - five of which belong to the Viperidae family and are considered dangerous to humans. Killing of snakes is prohibited by law as they pose no threat to public health. If we are ever confronted with a snake it is highly unlikely that it will chase or attack us. When a snake perceives human presence it tries to escape. Snakes can attack and bite us only if they are trapped and feel that their life is threatened.

Prevention measures

Some measures we can take to limit the appearance or presence of snakes in an area are:
  • Frequent cleaning of the area, outside and around it, from high and dense vegetation.
  • Removing objects that are ideal for nesting like piles of wood, piles of rubble, large stones, etc.
  • Restrict or eliminate various sources of food and water for snakes.
  • Close the gaps and openings of the building you want to protect.


Control method


To remove snakes from any area and all kinds of facilities, Biologiki provides specialized snake-repellent methods, which include the use of approved non-toxic repellents.