Repellent formulations

Protection of specific areas is achieved with the use of ecological, non-toxic repellents which are available in the form of wood chips impregnated with essential oils. This formulation is spread on the ground, forming a line around the space we want to protect, creating a protection zone

During the application procedure we make sure to leave passages of 2 meters at various points to allow snakes in the area to escape and not get trapped. After several hours, we close the passages we had left open in the same way. 

Snakes perceive impregnated wood chips as smoke (fire) through the receptors in their tongues and avoid approaching the area we want to protect. 

A key prerequisite for the proper snake repulsion is the correct dosage and even distribution of repellents which is achieved by Biologiki’s well trained technicians. 

Snake Repellents are used from early March until the end of summer. For best results, it is recommended to repeat application at regular intervals (40-50 days). The Repellents are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and EOF approved.