Wood-boring insects

Wood-boring insects feed, inhabit and reproduce on wood (wood surfaces, furniture, artwork, ceilings, etc.) as well as on cellulose-rich objects (clothes, paper, books, paper boxes, etc.).

The most common sign of infestation by Wood-boring insects is the presence of fine dust and small holes on wooden surfaces.  The damage they cause is extensive as these insects feed on the entire wood material and over time the affected surface is weakened and eroded.

Wood-boring insects fall into the following categories:
  • The Coleoptera (woodworms belong in this category)
  • Isoptera (termites belong in this category)
  • Hymenoptera (wood-boring wasps and ants belong in this category)

The most dangerous and the most destructive ones are woodworms and termites. 

Biologiki provides a comprehensive program for the treatment of wood-boring insects. A properly designed program is based on the needs and characteristics of the space and the type of problem, and the adequate method is chosen accordingly.
Before choosing any procedure, a thorough inspection is carried out by our company technicians to assess the extent of the infestation, identify the insect and then select the appropriate control method.


Anti-termite control methods

Anti-woodworm control methods