Special gel application for woodworm

This method involves the use of a special insecticidal/fungicidal gel to control and prevent wood surfaces from being infested by woodworms. This gel contains a special carrier that releases the active substances only into the wood and not into the environment.

The gel can be applied by:
  • Infusion. This procedure is especially recommended in cases where the affected wood is too thick. This procedure involves drilling small holes through which the special gel penetrates deep into the wood to achieve the best possible results.
  • Spraying. This procedure is suitable for large wooden surfaces (floors, ceilings, furniture, etc.). For this method, a special machine is used to spray the affected surface. In some cases it is advisable to scrub the wooden surface before application to achieve better penetration of the formulation.
This gel has excellent wood penetration ability, is odorless with low toxicity and suitable for indoor spaces. It does not erode wood and after application any type of varnish can be used.