Expel snake (snake repellent)

Snake repellent in the form of impregnated wood chips. Ideal for storages, residences, camping sites. We spread it on the ground around the space we want to protect forming a line.  Before placement, we check the area to remove any snakes so they do not get trapped. It is used from early March until the end of October.

Technical characteristics:
  • Ecological product
  • Friendly for humans and the environment
  • Small wood impregnated with oil and tobacco odor
  • Effective for up to two months

Pest stop indoor/outdoor (repellent device)

Ultrasound device for repelling various pets. It must be installed in a protected part of the house. It comes with a mounting pile suitable for wall and ground mounting.  It has a LED rotation angle.  Environmentally friendly and harmless for other animals and pets.

Technical characteristics:
  • Electrical pet repellent system
  • Double action with ultrasounds and electromagnetic waves
  • With 2 speakers for wide coverage
  • Environmentally friendly

Sonic bird repellent (repellent device)

Audio repellent device with motion detection system that mimics the sounds of predators and repels pigeons. It is placed in spots free of obstacles such as bushes, trees, fences. It does not harm birds and is safe for animals, pets, children and pregnant women. It repels pigeons, sparrows and a large number of birds.

Technical characteristics:
  • Bio-acoustic bird repellent
  • Equipped with a motion detection radar
  • Recommended for small spaces

Bird repellent gel

The gel is effective thanks to its adhesive nature and does not cause burning or irritation to the bird. When the bird steps on the gel, it tries to leave but feels that its foot is stuck on it.  This feeling is not pleasant and soon the birds learn to avoid this surface.  The repellent gel is a product different from the rest and for this reason its chemical formula is protected by an international patent and it comes with a 2 year guarantee of good operation.

Technical characteristics:
  • Visual bird deterrent in gel form
  • Effective and discreet
  • Yellow color
  • It does not irritate or burn the skin of humans or birds.
  • It does not melt or drip even at temperatures exceeding 180°C.
  • It is less toxic than cooking salt.